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The NUS News team welcomes suggestions and story ideas from University students, faculty and staff. Before submitting a suggestion, please read the below guidelines for story ideas and photos.


Story ideas

NUS News seeks to highlight noteworthy projects or activities that showcase the University’s core values of research, education and community and enterpreneurship; and event-related news that will raise the profile of the University. We want to hear from you if you know of a project or programme that improves quality of life, has economic or educational value, and influences the world in a positive way.

Before submitting your story idea, please consider the following news elements:

  • What makes this particular story unique or special? What is new?
  • Is the issue addressed topical, whether on the campus, national or international levels?
  • What can readers learn from this story?


Please ensure that your photo submissions are of high resolution (at least 300 dpi) and are publication-ready. We are looking for illustrations such as candid photos that capture the story’s essence and scientific images that can be explained with a brief caption. Do include a caption and, where appropriate, credit information for images.

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