Celebrating National Day

06 August 2015 | Community
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The Flag-Raising Ceremony was conducted by (from left) Dhivya, Dr Ang and Mr Sumanan

On 6 August, about Teo Kuan Yee members of the NUS community, decked out in vibrant hues of red and white, attended the National Day Observance Ceremony (NDOC) at University Hall.

The event kicked off with a Flag-Raising Ceremony conducted by alumnus Dr Ang Yuchen (Science '08); Mr Sumanan Bin Sarmin from the Office of Campus Security; and Year 2 student Dhivya T from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). The National Anthem was sung in unison with the NUS Choir, followed by the recital of the National Pledge, led by Jeanette Kwan, Vice President, 36th NUSSU Executive Committee and Year 3 FASS student.

ndoc 2015-2

Attendees, including Mr Po'ad Mattar (6th from right); Prof Tan (5th from right); Deputy President, Academic Affairs and Provost Professor Tan Eng Chye (4th from right); and Vice President Human Resources Ms Aileen Tan (3rd from right), together with NUS110 Everyday Icons, recite the National Pledge solemnly

In his remarks, NUS President Professor Tan Chorh Chuan highlighted the particular significance of this year's National Day, saying, "this is Singapore's Golden Jubilee and we have much to celebrate and much to be thankful for. Many of us in this audience have benefitted personally and directly from the tremendous and dramatic advancements that Singapore has made over the course of the last 50 years and I think this is a very fitting reason for us to celebrate this observance ceremony. He mentioned that NUS also holds special meaning for many Singaporeans, as is evident from the crowd-sourced SG50 Heart Map of the top 50 locations deemed important to the Singapore community. NUS took pride of place as the only school to be featured on the map.

Another reason for NDOC being unique this year, said Prof Tan, was the special tribute to NUS' loyal and long-serving present and former staff "who have served us well and in a committed way over the years. Known as NUS110 Everyday Icons, they include Mr Sharif Mohamed, who joined NUS in 1989 and currently maintains security and ensures smooth traffic flow around the University at Kent Ridge; and Mr Wong Kai Heng, the drink stall vendor at the Science canteen, whom Prof Tan praised for his dexterity in managing cash transactions while simultaneously conversing with customers. Prof Tan also thanked retired canteen operator Mr Wong Ngiap Leng, known affectionately as "Ah Leng, for his contribution, saying half in jest that countless medical, dental and pharmacy students owed their lives to Mr Wong, as he "provided sustenance for our 11pm supper.

NUS Pro-Chancellor Mr Po'ad Bin Shaik Abu Bakar Mattar later presented tokens of appreciation to the NUS110 Everyday Icons present.

Mr Wong, who attended the event with his family, including his grandson, Year 3 Engineering student Wong Cheng Heng, was "very happy to be honoured as an Everyday Icon. It was an honour which he did not expect.

ndoc 2015-3

Prof Tan (left) sharing a jovial moment with Mr Wong (right), with Mr Wong Hoe Sang, Mr Wong's son looking on

Fellow Icon Ms Betty Goh, who celebrates her 50th anniversary with NUS next year, felt similarly honoured with the recognition, saying "I chose the right place to work.

List of NUS110 Everyday Icons

Wong Niap Leng "Ah Leng
Retired Canteen Operator, Ah Leng's Canteen, King Edward VII Hall, College of Medicine

Betty Goh
Operations Associate, Sheares Hall

Gurvindar Kaur
Programme Specialist, Centre for Future-ready Graduates

Jasmani Bin Sani
Management Assistant Officer, Registrar's Office

Lim Huay Bak
Laboratory Manager, Faculty of Engineering

Manikam Neelakandan
Library Support Officer, NUS Libraries

Quek Poh Kim
Specialist Associate, Office of Campus Security

Ravindran s/o Sockalingam
Senior Associate Director, Office of Safety, Health & Environment

Sharif Mohamed Bin Mare Khan
Specialist Associate, Office of Campus Security

Sim Lye Hock
Management Assistant Officer, Office of Student Affairs

Soh Weng Yew
Senior Associate Director, Office of Admissions

J Tangaprakasam
Specialist Associate, Office of Campus Amenities

Tan Poh Keng "Auntie Joanne
Canteen Vendor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Thangaratnam s/o Karuppiah
Specialist Associate, Office of Facilities Management

Tim Yap Fuan
Associate University Librarian, NUS Libraries

Wang Twee Yong
Senior Associate Director, Student Finance Unit, Office of Financial Services

Wee Guan Bock
Laboratory Technologist, WHO Immunology Centre

Wong Geok Lin
Operations Associate, Eusoff Hall

Joanna Wong
Former NUS Registrar

Wong Kai Heng "Uncle Wong
Drinks Stall Operator, Science Canteen