Centre transforms construction outlook

10 March 2015 | Research
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A BIM-designed student project

The Centre of Excellence (COE) in Building Information Modeling (BIM) at NUS, launched in February, aims to transform the way people design, deliver and manage built environments using BIM innovation and practice. 

The intelligent model-based process shares one system of computer models, rather than separate sets of drawings, to design a building collaboratively. BIM has the potential to reduce cost, increase work quality, improve safety and enhance the performance of facilities. It does this by providing industry players with insight that helps them plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

The BIM Centre is hosted by the NUS Departments of Building and Architecture, which are within the School of Design and Environment (SDE), and supported by BIM researchers from the NUS Faculty of Engineering.

"This new Building Information Modeling Centre of Excellence aims to become a leading global centre in BIM integration. It will augment the BIM capabilities of our local construction industry and also facilitate BIM adoption by the sector in order to boost productivity, said SDE Dean Professor Heng Chye Kiang.

The Centre will focus on four types of activities, several of which are already ongoing:

  • Industry collaborations to conduct applied BIM research projects, test-bed new solutions and document best practice case studies.
  • High-impact research in BIM Integration on architectural design, building performance and sustainability, construction and engineering, project delivery, facilities management, and demolition, as well as the implementation of best practices.
  • Education of undergraduate and graduate students on BIM initiatives, as well as skills upgrading of professionals via BIM executive programmes.
  • International collaborations with leading BIM research centres for joint funding, and staff and student exchange.

The Centre is currently collaborating with Singapore's Building Construction Authority (BCA) and the industry to conduct a research project using BIM. The project, "Intelligent System for Determining Productivity and Safety Index using BIM, is supported by the Ministry of Manpower and Workplace Safety and Health Institute.

At the launch event, NUS signed a Research Collaboration Agreement with BIM software provider Graphisoft, and licensing agreements with service providers Bimage Consulting and Crown Systems. The NUS Industry Liaison Office, which is part of NUS Enterprise, managed and facilitated these industry collaborations.

Co-directing the Centre are Building Associate Professor Evelyn Teo Ai Lin and Architecture Assistant Professor Kim Hyeong Ill. A Steering Committee comprising NUS staff and representatives from the BCA, BCA Academy and industry supports the Centre's endeavours.