Connecting through science

25 March 2015 | Education
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Participants learning about air vortices as they try to knock down empty cans by shooting a pulse of air from an ‘air-zooka'

The NUS Faculty of Science held its inaugural NUS-Dow Surprising Science Fair on 21 March to inculcate a passion for science among some 150 secondary school students while enabling its own students to strengthen their science communication skills. The Science Fair is a collaboration with Dow Chemical Pacific (Singapore), a subsidiary of science and technology firm The Dow Chemical Company, that develops, manufactures and supplies plastic additives in the Asia Pacific region.

The Fair was attended by secondary school and madrasah students, aged 13 to 15, as well as beneficiaries of welfare organisations such as Care Singapore, Beyond Social Services, Lakeside Family Centre and the Chinese Development Assistance Council. Participants were brought on a quest to complete a series of interactive experiments designed to teach science in an interesting and engaging manner.

Together with valuable input from industrial scientists at Dow, the science undergraduates set up a carnival-style array of mathematical and scientific activity booths which highlighted the effects of science in everyday lives. Activities included the analysis of one's smell and taste sensations; testing the absorbency of diapers; and envisioning the future with 3-D printing.

Year One Food Science and Technology student Lim Jie Ai said: "I think that coming together to showcase to kids how cool science can be is awesome! 

By NUS Faculty of Science