DPM Teo visits SERIS

11 January 2017 | Research
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Prof Aberle (centre in white coat) explains to Mr Teo about the Inline PEVCD machine that provides different thin film coating options for different efficiencies of the solar cells

Mr Teo Chee Hean, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, visited the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) at NUS on 6 January. He was joined by representatives from NUS, the Singapore Economic Development Board, the National Research Foundation Singapore, the Housing and Development Board, the National Environment Agency, the Energy Market Authority, the Building and Construction Authority, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Public Utilities Board and the National Climate Change Secretariat.

During the visit, SERIS CEO Professor Armin Aberle and Deputy CEO Dr Thomas Reindl provided DPM Teo with an update on the Institute’s research progress, current projects and future plans, as well as its outreach activities and collaborations.

seris 4

Mr Teo visited the PV System Monitoring Laboratory which conducts real-time monitoring of PV systems and meteorological parameters

Guided by Prof Aberle, Mr Teo had the opportunity to view the process of solar cell fabrication during a tour of the SERIS solar cell laboratories. He was also shown the Live Irradiance Map of Singapore which measures in real time the amount of solar energy in the country that can be converted to electricity, as well as other monitoring and forecasting systems in the Photovoltaic (PV) System Monitoring Laboratory.

Throughout the visit, Mr Teo engaged in lively discussions with various attendees on other possible future uses of solar energy and other options Singapore could consider for a more sustainable future.

The visit concluded with a site tour of the world’s largest floating solar PV test-bed, managed by SERIS, at Tengeh Reservoir. The test-bed is being used to determine the feasibility of floating PV systems for conversion of solar energy to electricity. 

seris 5

The world’s largest floating solar PV test-bed at Tengeh Reservoir uses different types of solar cells to test for efficiency of conversion of solar energy into electricity