Real-time analysis of big data

01 September 2015 | Entrepreneurship
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Co-Founders (clockwise from bottom right) Mr Chin, Dr Luan, Mr Yuen and Prof Chua of 6Estates, which offers market and consumer insights in English and Chinese through real-time analysis of big data

NUS start-up 6Estates has tapped the University's technologies to make sense of the massive amount of data from various sources, and present them in intelligible and usable formats. Such intelligence is critical as people turn increasingly to digital platforms for their daily needs. The young firm is a spin-off from the NUS-Tsinghua Extreme Search Centre (NExT), a research centre jointly established by NUS and Tsinghua University, China.

6Estates' tools are powered by four NUS technologies in advanced data, predictive and linguistic analytics. The licensing has enabled the company to develop the ability to analyse large volumes of multilingual, multimedia and multisource data in real time. As such, 6Estates is able to offer automated and live intelligence on consumer behaviour, brands and industry trends. The tools' predictive capability allows events and entities to be pre-emptively identified before they become viral. Providing data insights in both English and Chinese gives an edge to international businesses' understanding of the China market, and helps Chinese companies compete globally.

"By leveraging on 6Estates, businesses that effectively utilise these insights will significantly improve their ROI (return on investment) in marketing campaigns, research initiatives and customer engagement. Traditional means for accessing such knowledge are inadequate to compete in this fast moving consumer market, said Mr Gary Chin, Co-Founder and CEO of 6Estates.

The start-up was founded in 2014 by four industry veterans and researchers ' Mr Chin; CTO and Co-Founder Dr Luan Huanbo, who is Deputy Executive Director of NExt; Chairman and Co-Founder Professor Chua Tat Seng, who is also Director of NExt, and Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Chair Professor, NUS School of Computing; and Chief Strategist and Co-Founder Mr Roger Yuen, a Co-Founder of visual search firm ViSenze.

The budding company has already secured a number of major clients, including Ogilvy & Mather China, with whom a three-month pilot was conducted. 6Estates is currently raising its Series A investment, after having obtained $1 million in seed funding from co-founders, angel investors and SPRING Singapore via the Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme.

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