Rustic Ubin re-envisioned

08 June 2015 | Community
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"Revival of KG Durian aims to preserve Malay heritage

Naturing Ubin, an exhibition of 36 projects by NUS Architecture students, displays ideas on how Pulau Ubin could fulfil its rustic potential. The exhibition, held at The URA Centre from 28 May to 26 June, showcases design solutions for the island located off the north-eastern corner of mainland Singapore.

The exhibition was opened by Guest-of-Honour Mr Desmond Lee, Singapore's Minister of State, National Development, on 27 May. Minister Lee spearheads The Ubin Project, which aims to collect ideas and suggestions on how the charm of Pulau Ubin can be enhanced for future generations. 

naturing ubin-4

Minister Lee (centre) taking a closer look at "Revival of KG Durian by student Christine Chow (left)

The Architecture students were tasked to develop designs under three themes: Place-based (social-centric projects that intervene with and enable social spirit of the community); Eco-based (eco-centric projects designed to enhance Ubin's biodiversity and natural environment); and Cultural-based (projects designed to promote the preservation, appreciation and sharing of Ubin's culture). The proposals consider historical, cultural, economic, social and environmental factors to preserve the Ubin identity whilst creating new possibilities.

"Learning at Cliff's Edge by Shi Yan Jie is a staggered structure sited on a cliff face. The designer envisages this piece of architecture, composed of a myriad of spaces, will enable children to reconnect with nature through drawing and modelling Pulau Ubin from a unique vantage point.

naturing ubin-2

Learning at Cliff's Edge envisions children drawing and modelling Ubin from the side of a cliff

Zhang Yi Ming's "Ubin Crab Farm harmonises with its surroundings because the brackish water from the island's mangroves will be used for rearing the crustaceans. Crabs will be farmed vertically in "crab apartments to increase efficiency, with the aim of achieving economic sustainability.  The proposed farm is located at abandoned prawn farms.

naturing ubin-3

Ubin Crab Farm capitalises on the island's mangroves

Christine Chow's "Revival of KG Durian seeks to restore, rejuvenate and revive the last remaining Malay kampong heritage in Singapore.  The project will initially consist of a landscaped public space that connects the existing village with nine new modular structures of similar design. Civic and conservation groups will be invited to participate in the restoration of existing structures and construction of new ones.

A Naturing Ubin Symposium will be held on 15 June, in conjunction with the exhibition, from 10am to 1pm at the URA Auditorium, The URA Centre, 45 Maxwell Road.