06 March 2020 | General News

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on 8 March. This year, NUS News is shining the spotlight on six women in our community who are pioneers in various areas including community, education, leadership and research. 

05 March 2020 | Education

More than 3 million people tuned in to the University’s first-ever online Open House, which took place from 26 February to 5 March. Visitors thronged the websites, livestreams and social media sessions hosted by faculties, schools and programmes across the three NUS campuses. They also dialled in to the dedicated hotlines to speak to students and staff.

04 March 2020 | Community, Education

An educational comic from NUS about the COVID-19 outbreak has been highlighted by the World Health Organization (WHO), which asked for it to be shared widely to help sensitise people to the prevention of COVID-19.

04 March 2020 | Community

With a new initiative by NUS Residential College 4 interest group RC4lunteers, students can interact with migrant workers through meal-sharing. Called Tap4You, the initiative will see participating RC4 residents “tap out” a meal credit from their account for the migrant workers to eat at the College’s Dining Hall.

02 March 2020 | Education

A new admission pathway called Advance@NUS will offer working adults without a university degree an opportunity to gain admission into selected full-time NUS undergraduate degree programmes. The selection process will focus on the applicant’s work experience and aims to encourage adult learners to broaden and deepen their knowledge base and improve future career prospects.

28 February 2020 | Education

NUS graduates achieved strong employment rates and earned higher starting salaries in 2019, according to the Joint Autonomous Universities Graduate Employment Survey. Nine in 10 fresh graduates secured employment within six months, while the median gross monthly salary of those in full-time permanent employment increased to $3,600 in 2019, up from $3,500 in 2018.

28 February 2020 | General News

NUS is setting up a new Centre for Trusted Internet and Community for the inter-disciplinary study of the Internet. The centre's leaders – computer scientist Professor Lee Mong Li and new media expert Professor Audrey Yue – discuss the issues brought by the rise of the Internet and the popularity of social media.

26 February 2020 | Community

With his lens, NUS Philosophy alumnus Yeo Siew Hua holds a mirror up to self and society. His critically acclaimed film, A Land Imagined, presents an intensely personal exploration of national identity and our collective place in it, further expanding the ambit of Singapore cinema.

25 February 2020 | Education

NUS is holding its first-ever e-Open House from 26 February to 5 March, each day focusing on selected faculties and schools. Here are five things to look forward to.

21 February 2020 | Education, Community

Members of the NUS community have published creative and educational comics on the COVID-19 outbreak, to help reassure and share knowledge with the general public.