September-October 2017


  • NUS President to Helm Healthcare Innovation
  • Asia’s Best, 22nd in World
  • Glowing Fish Go Places
  • Cross-faculty Innovations for Healthcare
  • Red Meat Raises Diabetes Risk
  • Friendly Genes
  • Champions at Asia Cup Moot
  • Judge of Family Justice Courts


July-August 2017


  • New Leadership for NUS
  • BLOCK71 Jakarta Takes off
  • Congratulations Class of 2017!
  • Sensitive Designs, Holistic Solutions
  • Innovative Device Treats 'Glue Ear'
  • A Toast to Gut Health!
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Sail Away to Anambas


May-June 2017


  • Centre, Bursary in Honour of EW Barker
  • Ho Teck Hua to Lead Smart Nation Initiatives
  • Dollars and Entrepreneurial Sense
  • CASE Leadership Symposium
  • New Minor in Art History
  • Syariah Law Made Accessible
  • Clearer Imaging of Liver Cancer
  • Tree-climbing Crabs Discovered


March-April 2017


  • Yale-NUS College gets new President
  • Students offered work-study option
  • Defence against cyber attacks
  • Safer rides in yellow cabs
  • Battling TB with mangosteens
  • Number One in Asia
  • World’s top 10 for 8 subjects
  • Organ donation receives support


January-February 2017


  • Appreciation dinner for Mr Wong Ngit Liong
  • Voyage across the Equator
  • Student designs attract crowdfunding
  • Misconceptions about antibiotics
  • Oncogene kit detects early breast cancer
  • Self-driving scooter
  • World’s 4th most international university
  • New index tracks future-readiness


November-December 2016


  • SOUA 2016: Empowering for the Age of Empowerment
  • Goh Chok Tong to chair LKY School
  • Singtel cybersecurity lab tackles digital threats
  • Outstanding scientists receive President’s Awards
  • Top 15 for global employability
  • Research integrity in the spotlight
  • Neem plant arrests prostate cancer
  • Net-zero energy building