12 August 2015 | General News

Assoc Prof Ang Swee Hoon from the Department of Marketing at NUS Business School noted that the principles of marketing are just as relevant when it comes to political campaigning. She analysed the strategies pursued by the various political parties using concepts from brand architecture.

11 August 2015 | Education, Research

An online survey conducted by students of the Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Programme at NUS revealed that nine out of 10 people here are concerned about Singapore's food waste.

11 August 2015 | Research

Mr Phil Vogrinc, a student from the United States who is attending a summer programme at NUS, is studying why some water snake species are found in certain habitats but not in others, and the impact that rising sea levels could have on them.

11 August 2015 | Education, General News

NUS Business School students Ho Wen Qi Jane, Tan E-Yang and Tan Ze Shan discussed how Link (THM) Holdings has grown from a small fashion distributor just 20 years ago to become an award-winning property firm.

11 August 2015 | General News

Mr Basskaran Nair from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at NUS opined that it is timely for Singapore to consider what it must do to prepare for changes in the future as it marks its Golden Jubilee, and shared three such suggestions.

11 August 2015 | Education, Community

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, NUS Business School has established a special bursary fund worth S$100,000 for its undergraduates to ensure that tertiary education is available to deserving business students despite their financial circumstances.

11 August 2015 | General News

Prof Zheng Yongnian, Director of the East Asian Institute at NUS, discussed how 'witchery' has gradually grown in its influence among China's elites, and pointed out that China needs to consider the "rebuilding" of its culture in light of this trend

10 August 2015 | Education, General News

NUS student, Mr Teo Yu Siang documented a series of 50 detailed illustrations on iconic local landmarks, titled 'Building Singapore', as part of the SG50 celebration.

09 August 2015 | General News

Several NUS faculty members were recognised during National Day Awards 2015 for their contributions to public service. Mr Suppiah Dhanabalan, Chairman of the NUS Business School Management Advisory Board, was awarded the Order Of Temasek (First Class), and Mr Stephen Lee Ching Yen, NUS Pro-Chancellor, has been awarded the Order Of Nila Utama (First Class). NUS President Professor Tan Chorh Chuan received the prestigious Meritorious Service Medal.

09 August 2015 | Research

NUS research ideas that are in the works for Singapore's next phase of growth beyond SG50 include a project led by Asst Prof Ernest Chua from the Dept of Mechanical Engineering of the NUS Faculty of Engineering that hopes to change how the air-conditioning system operates; a project led by Assoc Prof Ho Ghim Wei from the Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the NUS Faculty of Engineering, that aims to improve indoor air quality; a project led by Dr Lam Siew Hong and Prof Gong Zhiyuan from the NUS Environmental Research Institute (NERI) which focuses on genetically engineering fish to glow in the presence of water contaminants, with the aim to monitor water pollution; and a study led by Assoc Prof Loh Chiang Shiong from NERI to address inefficiencies in current desalination methods by drawing inspiration from mangroves.

Prof Peter Ng, Head of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum at NUS also shared on his unwavering love of nature and his experience in setting up the museum.