20 September 2015 | Education, General News

Prof Vineeta Sinha, Head of the South Asian Studies Programme at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, has undertaken various initiatives to boost students' interest in Tamil Studies and hopes to instill the values of Tamil tradition in them.

19 September 2015 | Research

A study conducted by NUS and home appliances manufacturer Dyson found that the highest concentrations of dust mites in homes are found in mattresses. The study, which covered 27 homes here, also found beds to be a haven for mould, bacteria and allergens, which are substances that cause allergic reactions.

19 September 2015 | Education, General News

Dr Nurfadzilah Yahaya from the Asia Research Institute at NUS, who was awarded the Alwehdah Arab Association of Singapore Dissertation Prize for best dissertation on Arabs in Southeast Asia, is working on a new book titled Fluid Jurisdictions of Arab Diaspora under Colonial Rule in Southeast Asia.

18 September 2015 | Research

Asst Prof Hsieh Po-Jang from Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore provided possible explanations into why some people dream only in black and white and why the number of people reporting so has decreased drastically since the 1940s.

18 September 2015 | General News

Assoc Prof Hussin Mutalib from the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences opined that despite the resounding People's Action Party (PAP) landslide in the General Election, the opposition parties can still continue to be a relevant fixture in Singapore's political landscape for some years to come.

18 September 2015 | General News

Mr Peter Lee, Honorary Curator from the NUS Baba House, shared how the heritage house which is a gift to NUS from philanthropist Agnes Tan, has retained much of its original fixtures.

18 September 2015 | General News

Associate Professor Ong Chang Woei of the Dept of Chinese Studies at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences opined that for the opposition parties and civil society to be able to make positive and constructive contributions to Singapore, the government should review the existing confidentiality policy on official records, materials and data.

17 September 2015 | General News

Prof Tommy Koh, Special Adviser at the Institute of Policy Studies at NUS, discussed 10 of his reflections on the People's Action Party's surprising and extraordinary victory in the recent General Election.

16 September 2015 | Research

Winners of the President's Science and Technology Awards 2015 include a team comprising Prof Patrick Tan, Prof Teh Bin Tean and Prof Steven Rozen from the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School who were presented with the President's Science Award, and Prof Neal Chung from NUS Faculty of Engineering who received the President's Technology Award. Asst Prof Eda Goki from NUS Faculty of Science, and Asst Prof Yvonne Tay from the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore and NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, received the Young Scientist Award.

16 September 2015 | Entrepreneurship

Prof Wong Poh Kam, Director of NUS Entrepreneurship Centre, was among a panel of experts who share their views on the topic 'Are entrepreneurs born or made'. The panel discussion was hosted by NUS.