18 May 2015 | Research, Education

On the occasion of the State visit of the President of the Republic of Singapore to France, NUS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with France's Institute for Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety to cooperate on research and training programmes in nuclear safety. NUS also signed an MoU to deepen collaboration and research with the institutions under France's elite meg University Universite Paris-Sarclay.

18 May 2015 | General News

Dr Mohd Faizal Musa from the National University of Malaysia delivered a lecture titled 'Ideals of Excellence versus Ideals of Destruction 'that was organised by the Dept of Malay Studies from the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

17 May 2015 | Research

Assoc Prof Theodore Evans from NUS Dept of Biological Sciences shared about his fascination with insects, termites in particular; as well as findings of a study on the evolutionary history of termites which he recently published.

16 May 2015 | Education

Mr Ahmad Abdurrahman, Ms Amanda Chia and Mr Loh Hong Rong from Singapore Polytechnic, as well as Ms Amalina Ridzuan from Temasek Polytechnic, have gained admission into the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. Ms Amalina Ridzuan and Mr Ahmad Abdurrahman have become the first two former Madrasah students to be offered places in NUS Medicine.

16 May 2015 | Research

Speaking on the impact of climate change on marine species in Singapore, Dr Huang Danwei from NUS Dept of Biological Sciences said that if coral species are wiped out or moved to cooler waters, entire marine habitats could also be wiped out.

15 May 2015 | General News

Prof Lily Kong and Prof James Sidaway from the Dept of Geography of the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, discussed about land scarcity in Singapore, which has led to cremations and columbaria replacing burial grounds to house the dead, as well as 'eco-friendly' alternatives like sea burials, scatter burials and woodland burials.

15 May 2015 | Education, Community

First-year NUS students Mr John Low and Ms Alexis Lee will run 250km through the challenging Gobi desert, to raise funds for Riding for Disabled Association, a charity that conducts free horse-riding sessions for people with disabilities. The duo, who are the youngest competitors to ever take part in the grueling race, hope to raise $12,000, which is the amount needed to maintain one horse for a year.

15 May 2015 | Research, General News

Prof Mohan Kankanhalli, NUS School of Computing, discussed how automated video surveillance systems could be enhanced to significantly boost security. He highlighted two novel technologies developed at NUS - active camera sensing and video synopsisthat could contribute towards surveillance across a network of cameras.

14 May 2015 | Research

Health Minister Mr Gan Kim Yong officially opened a new Biosafety Level 3 research facility at the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine's Centre for Translational Medicine on 14 May 2015. The 650-square-metre laboratory has been carefully designed to accommodate researchers to study some of the most infectious diseases known and to find solutions to dealing with these dangerous micro-organisms.

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13 May 2015 | General News

Dr Ong EeCheng from the Dept of Economics at the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences discussed how today's income inequality obstructs tomorrow's social mobility. Dr Ong called for the need to think about how the playing field can be levelled so that everyone, regardless of the lottery of birth, has a fairer shot at success.