15 September 2015 | General News

Prof Zheng Yongnian, Director of the East Asian Institute at NUS, observed that the current refugee crisis in Europe is the most serious facing the region since the end of World War II and opined that more attention needs to be placed on the root causes of the crisis which lie in the Middle East.

15 September 2015 | Education

NUS has introduced a new online specialisation programme in Public Relations for Digital Media through Coursera. The programme, which is offered by the Dept of Communications and New Media at the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, will start from 15 September. NUS will also introduce another new massive open online course titled 'Superhero Entertainment' on 28 September.

14 September 2015 | Education, General News

Assoc Prof Jason Lai, Principal Conductor of the Conservatory Orchestra from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music at NUS, took on the challenge of preparing a band of 50 ordinary Singaporeans, in a project known as Project Symphony, for their public debut at the Singapore Conference Hall.

14 September 2015 | Education, General News

Chow Zhi Wan, a third-year NUS undergraduate, opined that we should work towards a mental health system in which patients will not be judged or traduced on the basis of their condition, and which encourages treatment instead of breeding insecurities.

13 September 2015 | Education, Community

Ms Tan Qian Ying, a fourth-year psychology student at NUS, took up an unpaid internship with Envisage Education, a social enterprise, in July last year for one month.

13 September 2015 | Research

Asst Prof Darren Yeo from NUS Dept of Biological Sciences, as well as Assoc Prof Elaine Ho Lynn-Ee and Assoc Prof Peter Borschberg from the NUS Depts of Geography and History, shared on their research which bring them beyond the confines of their desks to different corners of the world.

12 September 2015 | General News

Prof Kishore Mahbubani, Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at NUS, opined that the SG50 movie 7 Letters has been one of the best elements of the SG50 year and that it had strengthened the real national narrative of an improbable society of different races and religions that forged a common soul.

12 September 2015 | General News

Asst Prof Jaclyn Neo from the NUS Faculty of Law has been appointed by law firm WongPartnership as a consultant to advise on judicial review, a fast-growing area of law in Singapore.

12 September 2015 | Education, General News

Singapore Sounds, an orchestra comprising a team of local composers playing locally-themed compositions and arrangements, has an inaugural gala concert in September at the NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Concert Hall. The orchestra was formed in June 2015 and 28 of its 55 members are from the NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.

11 September 2015 | Research

Following extensive surveys of four of Thailand's largest black markets, NUS PhD graduate Dr Jacob Phelps and Assoc Prof Edward Webb from the NUS Faculty of Science have uncovered, for the first time, a flourishing black market for wild collected ornamental plants in Southeast Asia.