14 January 2015 | Education

Mr Loh Jun Hong, who did his bachelor's at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music at NUS, as well as Ukrainian musician Mr Oleksandr Korniev, a second­year student on full scholarship at the Conservatory, are among the 12 semi-finalists at the inaugural Singapore International Violin Competition The competition is hosted by the Conservatory and supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore. Assoc Prof Qian Zhou from the Conservatory, is the head of jury and also leads the artistic committee in charge of the competition.

14 January 2015 | Research

NUS, in collaboration with the Singapore­MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research and ST Kinetics, are in talks to apply for their autonomous vehicles to be tested in one­north.

14 January 2015 | Community

NUS Office of Student Affairs and the Red Cross Youth, NUS Chapter, jointly organised the 3rd iVolunteer event, which aims to expose non-active youth volunteers to volunteerism, inspire active volunteers and provide a platform for youths to come together.

13 January 2015 | General News

Prof Joseph Cherian, Director of the Centre for Asset Management Research and Investments, and Prof Bernard Yeung, Dean of NUS Business School, discussed about the need to develop Asian finance leaders with the prominence to represent the interests of Asian markets.

13 January 2015 | General News

Prof Zheng Yongnian, Director of the East Asian Institute at NUS, examined the ultimate objective of China's 'Silk Road' strategy.

12 January 2015 | General News

Ms Chandrani Sarma from the Institute of South Asian Studies at NUS discussed Sri Lanka's presidential election and the reforms that the new government would bring to ensure economic and political security.

11 January 2015 | Entrepreneurship

The NUS Overseas Colleges programme, which puts NUS undergraduates in entrepreneurial hubs for up to a year and is aimed at getting students to discover business possibilities that they might not otherwise have considered, is winning fans in Silicon Valley.

11 January 2015 | Research

A pioneer in the emerging field of mechanobiology, Prof Michael Sheetz, Director of the Mechanobiology Institute at NUS, explains the significance of his field of research and his work at the Institute.

11 January 2015 | Research

Asst Prof Peter Todd, from the NUS Faculty of Science, is collaborating with the Tropical Marine Science Institute at NUS to reintroduce the giant clam species tridacna gigas into Singapore waters.

10 January 2015 | Entrepreneurship

NUS Enterprise, Singtel Innov8 and Infocomm Investments have jointly set up Block 71 San Francisco to enable Singapore student start-ups and other companies which they support to access the market in the United States.