18 July 2015 | Research

Dr Tan Koh Siang from the Tropical Marine Science Institute at NUS has spotted a female specimen of the brown land crab, also known by its scientific name Discoplax hirtipes, on St John's Island. The crab was last seen in Singapore in 1938 and was regarded as locally extinct since then.

17 July 2015 | Research

A team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, NUS, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, NTU and American biotechnology firm Visterra, has created an artificial antibody that is equally effective against all four strains, or serotypes, of the dengue virus.

17 July 2015 | Education

Prof Ranga Krishnan reflected of his journey and experiences when he helmed the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School as its Dean from July 2008 till June 2015. He shared on the School's key milestones and what has led to its success.

17 July 2015 | General News

Mr Keith Carter from NUS Business School discussed about the shift from in-store shopping to online shopping and opined that this shift demonstrates that consumers are using actionable intelligence - the right information at the right time to make a better decision.

17 July 2015 | Research

Asst Prof Sandy Lim from NUS Business School shared the findings of a joint study which she conducted on whether supportive behaviour by supervisors in the workplace will compensate or result in even more negative consequences caused by an undermining behaviour.

17 July 2015 | Research, General News

Visiting Prof Robin Jeffrey from the Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS) at NUS shared about the proceedings of the first South Asia Literary Salon organised by ISAS. The event focused on the theme of 'Modernity, Identity and Belonging' and attracted more than 150 participants.

16 July 2015 | Research

A team of researchers from Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and A*STAR's Experimental Therapeutics Centre (ETC) and Drug Discovery and Development (D3) unit has developed a new cancer drug that could be a potential life-saver for people suffering from a range of cancers. It is being tested on patients here and, if successful, ETC-159, as the compound is now called, could emerge as the Republic's first cancer blockbuster.

16 July 2015 | General News

Prof Ted Hopf from the Dept of Political Science at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences discussed about the recent agreement on Iran's nuclear programme that was reached in Vienna.

16 July 2015 | General News

Assoc Prof Shin Jang-Sup from the Dept of Economics at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences discussed about the dispute between Elliot Associates and Samsung over the merger of Cheil Industries and Samsung C&T in Korea.

15 July 2015 | Research, General News

The Sisters' Islands Marine Park Public Gallery, which was officially opened by Singapore President Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam on 15 July 2015, forms part of the Marine Park Outreach and Education Centre on St John's Island, which is housed together with the NUS Tropical Marine Science Institute's Marine Laboratory.