26 May 2015 | General News

Prof Zheng Yongnian, Director of the East Asian Institute at NUS, examined how America's international strategy has led to its current decline, and opined that America's fear towards China works against its own interests.

23 May 2015 | Education

Despite initial unsuccessful attempts to enter NUS Medicine, Mr Muhammad Mirza Syafiq Rahmad requested to be assigned as an ambulance medic during his National Service, so that he could deepen his understanding on the work of an emergency medical professional. He finally gained admission into NUS Medicine after three tries.

22 May 2015 | Education, Research

Dex, a smart insole specially designed for diabetic patients and echo, a rehabilitative tool kit to help individuals who have just lost their sight, navigate with their ears, are among over 50 projects showcased at the annual NUS Industrial Design Graduation Show.

22 May 2015 | Research, Community

A study by the Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities at NUS, NUS Dept of Sociology and HDB, on the impact of the built environment on community bonding has led HDB to prototype two community engagement strategies. The study found that facilities in HDB towns, offer opportunities for neighbours to meet, and that residents who often use these amenities have a stronger sense of belonging and community.

22 May 2015 | General News

NUS and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) have jointly appointed Professor Andrew Rose as the MAS Term Professor in Economics and Finance for a period of two months from 25 May 2015. Prof Rose is the BT Rocca Jr Professor of International Business at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

22 May 2015 | Education, General News

Ms Chan Jing Ru, a first-year biological sciences PhD student from NUS, shared about her preparation for the sport of archery in the Singapore SEA Games. She had won a gold medal in the sport under the women's individual recurve category in the 2013 SEA Games.

22 May 2015 | General News

Mr Sajjad Ashraf, an adjunct professor from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at NUS, discussed the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project, and opined that the challenge is for Pakistan to take this opportunity with seriousness and resolve to lift its economic future to levels that help engage other countries in the region with dignity and honour.

22 May 2015 | Research, Entrepreneurship

Assoc Prof Anindya Datta from the Dept of Information Systems at the NUS School of Computing shared that he had led a group of scientists from the School to research on audience measurement for mobile apps and launched start-up venture Mobilewalla. The group had invented a new class of big-data techniques to measure app audiences that allows them to find mobile apps that have a high likelihood of possessing similar audience characteristics.

22 May 2015 | Education, Community

Mr Ashik Ashokan, a communications and new media student from NUS, and his friend plan to climb Mount Damavand without the help of a high-altitude guide or porters to raise funds for the Children's Cancer Foundation.

21 May 2015 | Research

Asst Prof Falk Mueller-Riemenschneider from the NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health will lead a study to quantify the benefits of physical activity in parks. The study on the effects of parks and gardening on the elderly will be led by Asst Prof Roger Ho from the Dept of Psychological Medicine at the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.