18 February 2019 | General News

Dr Choo Su Pin, Adjunct Assoc Prof at both the SingHealth Duke-NUS Oncology Academic Clinic Programme at Duke-NUS Medical School and the Dept of Medicine at NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, discussed hepatocellular carcinoma, the most common type of primary liver cancer. Dr Choo is the Chair of the Clinical Trials Steering Committee at the National Cancer Centre Singapore.

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17 February 2019 | General News

Jonathan Tiong, third-year student from the Dept of Communications and New Media at NUS Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences opined that doxing — the seeking out of the identity of a perceived wrongdoer and making it public — is unacceptable because it is akin to extrajudicial punishment. He added that measures have to be taken to discourage people from engaging in it.


16 February 2019 | Research

The National Research Foundation has awarded seven projects grants under the national Quantum Engineering Programme, managed by NUS, which will allow for quantum tech – the science of the very small – to be explored further locally. The projects all aim to develop the engineering capabilities needed to commercialise quantum technologies for industrial application. One of the grant winners was Asst Prof Charles Lim from the Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NUS Faculty of Engineering. His project will include hardware for quantum encryption: making faster miniature, cost-effective chips that may be used in smartphones.

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16 February 2019 | General News

The NUS King Edward VII Hall Chinese Drama (KECD) will perform the Chinese play – Me2 vs He2 on 23 February 2019. A student-led Chinese drama production founded in 2000, KECD strives to produce a high-quality Chinese language play each year.

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15 February 2019 | General News

Dr Adrian W J Kuah, Director of the Futures Office and Senior Research Fellow from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at NUS opined that the heart of teaching consists of telling all our students that they are much more than the worst thing they have ever done. But we need to say it, no matter how tough a slog it might be to get to the point where we can say it authentically.


13 February 2019 | Research

A study co-authored by Dean’s Chair Assoc Prof Sing Tien Foo from NUS School of Design and Environment, Low Tuck Kwong Distinguished Professor Sumit Agarwal from NUS Business School and PhD student Zhang Xiaoyu, found that Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats that are older than 30 years depreciate less than private non-landed housing. It also showed that differences in depreciation between freehold and leasehold residential properties and HDB flats only appear after 10 years.

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13 February 2019 | General News

Assoc Prof Tan Khee Giap from the Asia Competitiveness Institute at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at NUS and Mr Tan Yan Yi, a Singapore full-time National Serviceman, discussed why a forward looking budget ought to strengthen the foundations for delivering macroeconomic stability, set aside ample financial resources with policy restructuring measures to promote micro-economic efficiency and invest in soft and hard capacity building.

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13 February 2019 | General News

Prof Sumit Agarwal, Low Tuck Kwong Professor at NUS Business School and Professor in the departments of Economics, Finance and Real Estate at NUS shared how the improved payment convenience of mobile wallets would have a real and significant economic impact in driving consumer traffic, consumption and generating beneficial spillover effects that deliver business growth.

The Business Times

12 February 2019 | General News

NUS Chairman and former CEO of Singapore Exchange Mr Hsieh Fu Hua and Assoc Prof Mak Yuen Teen from the Dept of Accounting at NUS Business School have been appointed members of the Corporate Governance Advisory Committee by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.  The permanent, industry-led body will be responsible for “levelling up corporate governance standards and practices” in Singapore.

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12 February 2019 | General News

Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Trade and Industry and Mr Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Education, were among the speakers at NUS’ Middle East Institute annual conference on 11 February 2019. Mr Chan said that Singapore and Asean can draw a lesson from the unstable situation in the Middle East – that a region needs to have cohesion if it does not want to be a platform for proxy contests by major powers. Mr Ong shared that small states can thrive best in an orderly environment with clear rules and also highlighted how technology has fundamentally changed politics around the world.

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