08 February 2018 | Research

A study led by Mr K. S. Seshadri, PhD candidate from the Dept of Biological Sciences at NUS Faculty of Science found that male white-spotted bush frogs (Raochetes chalazodes) dedicatedly guard their fertilised eggs from other cannibalistic male frogs and predators.

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07 February 2018 | Education, General News

NUS has been recognised as Asia’s top university in the 2018 edition of the Times Higher Education magazine’s Asia University Rankings, retaining its position for the third year running. The University improved its scores in almost all areas, picking up extra points for its teaching, research, citation impact and knowledge transfer. 

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07 February 2018 | General News

Assoc Prof Mak Yuen Teen from the Dept of Accounting at the NUS Business School opined that Datapulse Technology’s confusing and obfuscatory statements make Singapore’s system seem as if it might as well be called You’re On Your Own (YOYO). He added that if companies continue to ride roughshod over minority investors, we will see confidence in our market draining away rapidly. This will in turn adversely affect liquidity and valuations, and make SGX a truly unattractive place to list.

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06 February 2018 | General News

Prof Tommy Koh, NUS Professor of Law, discussed why Asean is important to the US. Prof Koh shared that he is pleased that the Trump administration appears to have continued with the previous administration’s pro-Asean policy.

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06 February 2018 | General News

Prof Zheng Yongnian, Director of the East Asian Institute at NUS, noted that liberalism is regressing in the West. He opined that the phenomenon could explain the rise of Mr Donald Trump in the US and that it remains to be seen if Mr Trump’s realism can save liberalism in the West.

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06 February 2018 | General News

The NUS KEVII Hall Chinese Drama is staging the famous Taiwanese theatrical production “Secret love in peach blossom land” at the NLB Drama Centre Theatre. They are the first NUS Chinese drama society to perform outside of campus at a venue for large-scale productions.

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05 February 2018 | Community, General News

Dr Peck Thian Guan, Director of NUS’ Office of Safety, Health and Environment received the Survivor Award on 4 February 2018 for saving a cardiac arrest victim. The award was presented at the Survivor Awards Singapore 2018 ceremony, which was part of the seventh National Life Saving Day event.

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04 February 2018 | Research

Assoc Prof Thang Leng Leng from the Dept of Japanese Studies at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and NUS PhD candidate Mr Johan Suen examined the challenges faced by informal caregivers from low income families. They had conducted a qualitative study on caregivers with funding from the NUS-Tsao Foundation Ageing Research Initiative.

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03 February 2018 | Education

Singaporeans who want to make a mid-career switch to nursing can get a degree in two years by taking up a new degree-level Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Registered Nurses, offered by the Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies at NUS. Successful candidates will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Centre.

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02 February 2018 | General News

Dr Qi Dongtao, Research Fellow from the East Asian Institute at NUS discussed cross-straits relations and highlighted the surprise findings of an opinion poll which noted that Taiwanese society has become increasingly accepting of mainland China.

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