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16 October 2019 | Innovators

Saving our shores and water

NUS researchers share their expertise in various aspects of water technology to address issues including water runoff and storm surge models, water treatment, and toxins in water.

09 October 2019 | Impact

Targeting tumour-producing cells in liver cancer

NUS researchers from the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore and the N.1 Institute for Health have shown the potential use of small molecule inhibitors to treat advanced liver cancer.

07 October 2019 | Insights

How religion keeps up with the digital age

Assistant Professor Alvin Lim from NUS English Language and Literature gave his insights on how religion can contend with the invasion of religious spaces by smartphones and what are the associated challenges surrounding religion in the digital age.

04 October 2019 | Impact

‘Express courier service’ for immune cells

A scientist from NUS Biomedical Engineering has developed a method to deliver DNA into immune cells with minimal cellular stress. This novel technique could significantly enhance DNA-based cancer immunotherapy.

30 September 2019 | Insights

Understanding AI technology in Singapore

Distinguished Professor Chen Tsuhan, NUS Deputy President (Research and Technology) explained that for artificial intelligence (AI) to thrive, diversity of data is more important than the amount of data.

26 September 2019 | Innovators

CQT Director Artur Ekert joins elite group of 'Citation Laureates'

The Web of Science Group has recognised CQT Director Artur Ekert as having publications cited with a frequency ranking in the top 0.1 per cent of scientists. One of just 19 scientists selected this year, many ‘Citation Laureates’ have later gone on to win a Nobel prize.

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