A glimpse of NUS’ innovation and enterprise ecosystem

“Coming from different backgrounds, with varying interests, they seem to share a few things in common. One is that they met their innovation partners and supporters at NUS.  Another is that they are driven to create something to make things better, and make Singapore proud. This is what can happen when you create an innovation ecosystem where ideas, talent and community can come together and thrive” – these were Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Heng Swee Keat’s sentiments when he visited NUS Enterprise recently.

NUS welcomed DPM Heng and his delegation, including Ms Chan Lai Fung, Permanent Secretary (National Research and Development), from National Research Foundation (NRF) on 10 Feb. During the visit and tour, DPM Heng – who is NRF’s Chairman – learned about NUS’ efforts in nurturing talents and growing a vibrant innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Four start-ups in various deep technology verticals were showcased to provide a diversity overview of the innovation and entrepreneurship community within NUS:

1.     Solv8 Technology: The company offers a sustainable membrane filtration technology to separate and recover high-purity solvents without the usage of heat, which significantly reduces the energy costs and carbon emissions. The non-thermal filtration technology also reduces solvent losses, product denaturation and decomposition, and potential safety hazards at high temperature.

2.     Craft Health: It is a personalised nutrition and medicines platform, leveraging 3D printing technologies to simplify the process of pill-taking for patients and consumers. Their core competencies as pharmacists, formulation scientists and 3D printing experts converge upon the solution of 3D printing medicines or nutraceuticals into a reduced number of pills. The Craft Health platform considers pharmaceutical and nutraceutical requirements such as safety, stability, and controlled release profiles.

3.     BeeX: The company’s Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASVs) dramatically reduce the cost of offshore and underwater inspections for their clients. BeeX's bespoke machine learning algorithms and software stack enable strong perception even in murky waters and multi vehicle operations, helping users to obtain critical information about anomalous areas in the most efficient manner.

4.     Hoow Foods: It is a deep food-technology company that aims to research and develop healthier yet tasty foods to the world. By being a disruptor of the food and beverage industry, Hoow Foods aims to make delicious foods healthy again through AI-ML and ingredient informatics. It is also the brand owner of Callery's – Asia and Singapore's first low-calorie, premium ice-cream brand.

The various co-founders shared on their start-up journey and key milestones of their start-ups’ growth. At the same time, they also explained their technology and offered DPM a glimpse (or, where possible, a feel and taste) of their products.

The visit concluded with NUS Senior Deputy President and Provost, Professor Ho Teck Hua, sharing on NUS’ participation in research, innovation and enterprise activities.

He highlighted that NUS is focused on building a vibrant research, innovation and enterprise ecosystem that is able to turn theory into practice. Notable start-ups within the NUS Innovation and Enterprise ecosystem include 99.co, Biofourmis, Carousell, nkarta Therapeutics, Lomotif, RedDoorz, Shopback, Visenze and Patsnap. These firms have attracted significant funding and investments.


By NUS Enterprise