Disrupting blockchain with sharding

Zilliqa, a promising blockchain start-up that originated from NUS, offers a hyper-efficient and scalable blockchain platform based on the NUS-developed concept of sharding 

Blockchain start-up Zilliqa, founded by former and current NUS Computing researchers, is transforming the world of blockchain and giving cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherum a run for their money, thanks to sharding, a concept developed at the University. Sharding is the process of dividing a blockchain network into “shards” that can process transactions at the same time, enhancing scalability and reducing the amount of computing power needed for those processes to work, thereby significantly improving the energy efficiency of cryptocurrency mining.

Zilliqa co-founder and CEO Dr Xinshu Dong, who is an NUS Computing graduate and former NUS researcher, said that the concept has been “reviewed, discussed, and vetted by some of the top computer science researchers in the world”, giving the platform a very unique advantage, particularly when coupled with a government that supports innovation. 

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