Engaging and interactive tools to share knowledge

How can the latest technologies be harnessed to allow students to learn better?

NUS has launched new tools to do just that. geNiUSworld is a new teaching and learning initiative at NUS which comprises geNiUSchannel and geNiUSbooks.

geNiUSchannel includes engaging videos on a wide range of topics while geNiUSbooks features ebooks which students can customise, annotate and tag for their own learning.

Teachers and students are encourage to create their own geNiUSbooks and videos on geNiUSchannel. The tools complement the vibrant learning community at NUS where staff and students learn from each other.

Listen in as NUS Vice Provost (Teaching Innovation & Quality) Associate Professor Erle Lim shares about these exciting developments with Dr Dujeepa Samarasekera, Director of the NUS Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL).

This is the second episode of CDTL’s Teaching Connections Podcasts – a series launched in conjunction with the anniversary of Teaching Connections, CDTL’s e-platform for the NUS community to advance discussions about teaching and share effective practices and innovative ideas.

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