Environmentalist wins ASEAN Youth Eco-Champions Award

Dr Toh Tai Chong, Lecturer and Academic Director at the NUS College of Alice & Peter Tan, has been conferred the inaugural ASEAN Youth Eco-Champions Award. This prestigious award recognises the efforts of youth in promoting environmental education and sustainable development towards a clean and green community.

Dr Toh was commended for his contributions to environmental education through three major areas, namely, education, research and service. As an educator, he is active in developing modules related to conservation and sustainability. By integrating experiential learning in his modules, his students were able to evaluate environmental issues in multidisciplinary settings. As a marine biologist, his research focuses on coral reef conservation and his integration of social sciences to biological conservation was crucial in developing novel approaches to environmental education.

Dr Toh has also collaborated extensively with local agencies and overseas institutions to enhance environmental education efforts. Many of the ASEAN youth whom he mentored went on to develop award winning environmental projects and offered Fullbright Scholarships.

In addition, the passionate environmentalist co-founded Our Singapore Reefs, a community initiative that galvanises support from the public, businesses and government agencies to remove Singapore’s underwater marine debris. To date, the collective effort by the volunteers has removed more than 8,500 pieces of trash in the last two years. For his impactful work, he won the EcoFriend Award 2018 (Non-Governmental Organisations and Grassroots Volunteers) presented by the National Environment Agency of Singapore.