Exploring the human condition at the NUS College of Humanities and Sciences

The NUS College of Humanities and Sciences took in its inaugural cohort this year, with the students embracing an interdisciplinary approach in their learning. They are integrating multiple disciplines to solve complex problems, and in the process gaining relevant skills to thrive in the future economy.

One of the exciting courses available is "The Human Condition", an integrated humanities module that studies the essence of being human. Across the intellectual traditions of the world, fundamental concerns relating to the triumphs and problems of social organisation and what a worthwhile life is have persisted through the changing circumstances of every historical age.

The module introduces students to some of these enduring concerns and gives them the opportunity to engage critically through the discussion of selected texts and other media.

Psychology undergraduate Tay Jing Xuan appreciates the module’s exposure to topics such as morality through a multidisciplinary perspective.

Life Sciences student Wong Yi Hao added, “The interesting part of HSH1000 The Human Condition is that it is a hybrid module. It infuses some aspects of humanities into it. It is very different from what we learnt in secondary school and in junior college.”

Listen in as the two students share their experience with the module, and learn more about their College of Humanities and Sciences experience.