Filming and Photography on NUS Campuses

Filming and Photography on NUS Campuses

The National University of Singapore (NUS) comprises three campuses at Kent Ridge, Bukit Timah and Outram. These campuses are home to a lively and diverse community of students, faculty, and staff engaged in learning, research and discovery.

All news, digital platforms and commercial-related filming and photography on our campuses is subject to the approval of the NUS Office of University Communications.

Once approval is granted, a Media Relations personnel from the Office of University Communications will work with the Requesting Party, and coordinate with the appropriate university offices.



Anyone who wishes to film* on campus for commercial purposes will need to submit in writing, detailed information about the proposed project by completing the Filming Request form.

* The terms “film” and “filming” shall include the taking of still photography.

All scripts/storyboards will be reviewed and approved by the Office of University Communications. Scripts/storyboards that portray the University in an inappropriate manner will not be accepted.

Requests and the accompanying information must be submitted to the Office of University Communications at least 1 week prior to the scheduled start of filming.

The University reserves the right to require a copy of the insurance policy covering public liability (or quotation), as well as a security deposit to be provided by the Requesting Party.


General Guidelines

Purpose of filming

The locations requested for filming are to be used strictly for filming only, and not for any other purpose.

Normal operations of the University

Filming should not interfere with the normal operations of the University and should not cause nuisance, inconvenience, interference or disruption to University staff or students. In particular, staff and student movement or road traffic should not be obstructed at any time.

Privacy of students, faculty and staff

The privacy of all NUS students, faculty and staff is respected. Filming activities should not interfere with education, research or residential life, unless specific permission has been granted in advance.

In line with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, the filming of students, faculty or staff should conducted with their specific permission. Students, faculty and staff should also be given complete details about what is being filmed, and how their visuals might be used. We ask that the right of students, faculty and staff not to be featured be respected, if they so decline.


The University reserves the right to suspend, at its discretion and without notice, any filming in the event of an emergency, e.g. fire, or any other disturbance.


Use of University Name, Trademarks and Symbols

Specific written permission from the Office of University Communications is required for the use of NUS' name, seal, symbols, trademarks and logos. Please refer to NUS Identity for more information.


Approval for Filming

The Office of University Communications will inform the Requesting Party about the outcome of a request. Filming should only be carried out after official approval is given in writing by the Office of University Communications.

The University reserves the right not to disclose or discuss its reasons for refusing any request for filming.

For filming at the Duke-NUS Medical School at the NUS Outram Campus, please contact the

For filming at Yale-NUS College, please contact the Yale-NUS Office of Public Affairs at