Fuss-free declaration with QR codes

Using secure QR codes to track attendance facilitates operations and improves efficiency

NUS’ compulsory module for staff and students “A Culture of Respect and Consent” was rolled out for all staff and students in July. In order to track the attendance for NUS students who attended the face-to-face workshops, NUS Information Technology (NUS IT) implemented a secure QR code system that enabled an efficient and seamless manner of collating the students’ declarations on their responsibilities and the sanctions of these responsibilities are flouted.

Beyond tracking completion of the module, the data collected can be accessed by the university’s hostel management system, education records system and human resources system. This in turn facilitates downstream operations and reporting, as well as improves overall operational efficiency.

Ms Ong Poh Suan, Deputy Director of NUS Student Affairs who worked closely with the administrators at the halls of residence and residential colleges on campus to coordinate the face-to-face workshops, lauded the system. “The QR code is very efficient and convenient for students to scan. It brings them to the declaration page quickly and saves students the hassle and time of keying in the URL,” she said.

With the successful rolling out of this solution and the positive feedback from students, NUS IT is hoping to extend this attendance tracking technology to other applications such as staff training, lifelong learning courses and student tutorials. The system will be piloted at examinations in October.