InnovFest 2023: Spotlighting NUS start-ups tackling innovations in food, health, infrastructure and more

With the aim of nurturing start-ups and promoting entrepreneurship in Asia, InnovFest x Elevating Founders 2023 will be returning from 7 to 9 June 2023 to showcase the region's vibrant innovation and enterprise ecosystem.

Organised by NUS Enterprise in collaboration with Informa Tech, InnovFest 2023 will bring together start-up founders, thought leaders and industry experts to share their insights and discuss trends in the innovation space. The conference is the official start-up event of Asia Tech x Singapore, the region’s flagship technology event.

About 100 NUS start-ups are set to participate in this year’s conference, which will be centred on the themes of climate, food security, green energy, health and Industry 5.0. From revolutionising the way pipelines are monitored, to speeding up the production of lab-grown meat through nanotechnology solutions and upcycling food by-products to promote gut health, here are some start-ups from the NUS ecosystem to look out for.

The ‘clean meat’ revolution

Cellivate Technologies is a start-up founded by NUS alumnus Dr Viknish Krishnan-Kutty. The company, which was part of the NUS Graduate Research Innovation Programme (GRIP), focuses on developing and selling patented nanotechnology solutions to enhance cell growth. The company has created a thin "coating" that enables animal cells to attach and grow at an accelerated rate. Its primary application is in the production of lab-grown meat, also known as cultivated meat, which is grown directly from animal cells without the need for traditional livestock farming.

Cellivate Technologies aims to provide its coating technology and other innovations to companies involved in cultivated meat production, both locally and internationally, in order to expedite the production process and contribute to more ethical meat consumption. In this way, it hopes to play a part in addressing the challenges of increasing food production and reducing environmental harm caused by traditional livestock rearing.

Revolutionising gut health

Soynergy, another bio-tech start-up from NUS GRIP, is leading the charge in upcycling food by-products with their innovative product line-up. Their flagship offering is a probiotic drink derived from okara, a nutrient-dense by-product of tofu production.

The company’s mission extends beyond gut health and consumer well-being. With a strong commitment to reducing food waste and promoting sustainability, it aims to transform the food manufacturing industry into a zero-waste model. Each day, approximately 30 tons of okara are discarded or used as animal feed, compost, or fertiliser in Singapore. Partnering soy manufacturers equipped with on-site processing facilities, Soynergy minimises transportation and contamination issues while creating an additional revenue stream for these manufacturers, thereby addressing environmental concerns and reducing the economic burden of disposal costs.

Stopping pipeline leaks with smart data

Teredo Analytics, a deep tech engineering start-up from NUS GRIP, is making waves in the industry with its innovative solutions for inspecting pipelines. Leveraging ambient acoustic analysis, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence technologies, the company has developed a Pipeline Leak Detecting Listener and a prototype of an underwater submarine-like vehicle that can travel within pipes. With water losses in distribution networks posing a significant challenge for utilities worldwide, Teredo Analytics' event-based leak detection solution, powered by machine learning algorithms, offers high sensitivity and minimal false positives, revolutionising the way pipelines are monitored.

Founded by NUS alumni Liang Jie Wong and Rajat Mishra, Teredo Analytics has gained recognition through partnerships, winning a proof-of-concept project with PUB Singapore and participating in events like Singapore International Water Week 2022, where their solutions garnered interest from major European utilities.

Industry sharing, panel discussions, keynote speeches by experts

These start-ups, along with many others, will be showcasing their innovations and sharing their entrepreneurial journeys at InnovFest 2023. Taking place at the Singapore Expo, the event will also feature keynote speeches and panel discussions by experts weighing in on topics such as the role of science and technological developments in advancing human potential, tackling challenges such as climate change, and shaping the future of healthcare. Those who are interested to participate can register for a complimentary pass here: https://bit.ly/InnovFest23.

By NUS Enterprise