N-CRiPT partners CIH to help companies improve cyber risk assessment

The NUS Centre for Research in Privacy Technologies (N-CRiPT) under NUS Computing and Singapore-based cyber intelligence firm Cyber Intelligence House (CIH) are working together to develop a service that explains how different industries around the world are exposed to cyber threats. This service will help companies better understand the risks they face in cyberspace.

Under the collaboration, N-CRiPT and CIH will develop different cyber risk indexes and forecast how different industries will be exposed to the risks. By using up to 200 variables and mapping threats collected from the dark web and deep web, N-CRiPT and CIH will utilise the most pertinent variables to create powerful and detailed risk indexes.

N-CRiPT, whose goal is to develop privacy-preserving technologies to protect privacy at an individual and organisational level in a holistic manner, will use its expertise to improve the exposure metrics by designing a global cyber exposure model to aggregate data on companies from the dark web, deep web and other sources. CIH will provide this dataset.

“This collaboration will help different organisations here in Singapore and beyond understand their cyber and privacy risks better. Furthermore, the research collaboration creates unique datasets that allow researchers to conduct new studies in this domain,” said Professor Jussi Keppo from NUS Business and lead principal investigator for this project.

“We believe the research collaboration between CIH and N-CRiPT will provide both industry and academia with a powerful resource to better understand and explore global cyber risks,” said CIH Chief Executive Mr Mikko Niemela.