New education leaders appointed

From left: Prof Lim, Prof Shen and Prof Sun will take on new leadership appointments from 1 April

NUS has announced new leadership appointments in the roles of Vice Provost (Teaching Innovation & Quality), Vice Provost (Graduate Education), and Dean of NUS Science, to take effect from 1 April.

Vice Provost (Teaching Innovation & Quality)

Associate Professor Erle Lim will take on the new role of Vice Provost (Teaching Innovation & Quality), which will see Assoc Prof Lim advocating the use of technology in developing education initiatives and blended learning, as well as ensuring that these initiatives are grounded on sound pedagogical principles. He will also supervise administrative units that have an educational role, such as the Centre for Instructional Technology, NUS Libraries, and the NUS Teaching Academy, as well as co-chair the Board of Undergraduate Studies and assist in administering the University Committee on Educational Policy.

“I am honoured to be selected for this new role and excited to have the opportunity to further enhance our teaching and learning culture with the effective use of digital technologies. As an NUS alumnus, I am proud of my alma mater’s forward-looking stance and its achievements in integrating technology with classroom pedagogy. I look forward to working with our teachers and students to design, develop and integrate learning technologies to support high levels of learning achievement for our students,” said Assoc Prof Lim.

Assoc Prof Lim is an avid educator, and has overseen numerous diverse technology-enhanced education initiatives as Associate Provost (Undergraduate Education) over the past four years. These include the Learning Innovation Fund-Technology, Blended Learning modules, Université Sorbonne Paris Cité (USPC) partnerships, Design Your Own Module (DYOM), edX and Coursera. For his contributions, Assoc Prof Lim won the NUS Outstanding Educator Award in 2006/7.

Assoc Prof Lim is currently a Clinician Scholar holding a concurrent appointment as a Senior Consultant Neurologist in the National University Hospital. He was previously Assistant Dean of Education at the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine from 2007 to 2010, and the Chairman of the Executive Council of the NUS Teaching Academy from 2010 to 2012.

Vice Provost (Graduate Education)

Current Dean of NUS Science Professor Shen Zuowei will be appointed the Vice Provost (Graduate Education). In his new role, he will focus on strategic transformation and management of postgraduate programmes, leveraging his extensive education-related experiences. He will concurrently continue his duties as Dean of NUS Science until 30 June.

Prof Shen said, “I am honoured. Graduate education plays an important role in the advancement of scholarship, research and innovation. It also enriches a student’s educational experience, while providing them with a competitive advantage beyond knowledge and skills. I am very happy and excited to be able to contribute towards the success of the programmes and our students.”

An esteemed mathematician and scholar, Prof Shen has been with the University since 1993 when he joined NUS Mathematics. He was appointed a Distinguished Professor from 2009 to 2012 and has been a Tan Chin Tuan Centennial Professor since 2013. Prior to his role as Dean of NUS Science, he was the Head of Department of NUS Mathematics from 2012 to 2014.

Under Prof Shen’s leadership, NUS Science introduced a variety of timely teaching innovations, high-impact degree programmes and specialised professional courses to support both undergraduate and graduate students in staying abreast with the latest scientific developments, as well as in acquiring new skills for emerging industries. He also strengthened outreach efforts and admissions strategies to attract quality students, and enhanced continuing education initiatives.

Prof Shen is considered one of the most outstanding mathematicians in the University, and is well-known for his fundamental contributions in the mathematical foundation of data science, particularly in areas such as computer vision and machine learning. In recognition of his many contributions, he has received honours and awards including the National Science Award of Singapore and the NUS Outstanding Researcher Award, and was also recently elected a fellow of the World Academy of Sciences, American Mathematical Society and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

Dean of NUS Science

NUS Mathematics Professor Sun Yeneng will be appointed Dean-Designate of NUS Science from 1 April, and will take on the mantle of Dean with effect from 1 July.

“I am honoured to be given the opportunity to lead NUS Science. I hope to build on our current strengths, based on the exemplary work of Zuowei, to take the Faculty to new heights of excellence in education and research. Our Faculty will continue to explore new frontiers of science and technology through innovative research, and to engage our students in an inspiring environment and to groom them to address the complex challenges of our time,” said Prof Sun.

An eminent scholar, leader and administrator, Prof Sun is Goh Keng Swee Professor of Economics and Professor of Mathematics in NUS, as well as Director of the Risk Management Institute. He began his career with NUS Mathematics in 1989 and was promoted to professor in 2002. A respected scholar, Prof Sun has received multiple honours for his research and sits on numerous editorial and advisory boards.

Prof Sun has some 20 years of administrative experience in the University. He has held a large range of responsibilities including Head/Acting Head of the Department of Economics from 2008 to 2012, Deputy Director of the Institute for Mathematical Sciences from 2001 to 2004, Founding Director of the FoS Master Program in Quantitative Finance in 2009, and Member of the University Promotion and Tenure Committee from 2002 to 2004.