How open data and gamification can make Singapore’s urban travel greener

In 2021, the Singapore government unveiled the Singapore Green Plan 2030 for a “whole-of-nation movement” to advance the national agenda on sustainable development. A recent survey, however, found that Singaporeans are concerned about climate change but have difficulty translating it to individual actions.

Professor Leonard Lee, Director of NUS’ Lloyd’s Register Foundation Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk from NUS Business School, together with Associate Professor Alberto Salvo, Deputy Head (Research) from the NUS Department of Economics under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, propose that open-data initiatives and gamification centred on each person’s ‘urban travel carbon score’ could motivate Singaporeans to adopt greener modes of travel, bridging the intention-action gap.

Rich open data on urban travel can be used as part of a policy mix, to help build an urban travel system fit for a sustainable future.

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