Painting (on) Town Green

Paintings by students who participated in the first-ever ArtJam @ Town Green

Some 100 NUS campus residents swopped their books and lecture notes for paintbrushes and canvases at the first-ever ArtJam @ Town Green, held on 2 April.

The idea of art therapy was sparked by UTown Residence Resident Assistant Pauline Luk, an NUS Communications and New Media graduate student, after a trip to La Trobe University in Australia last year. Impressed by La Trobe’s emphasis on health and wellness through many forms, including therapy through artistic expression, Pauline decided to share the idea with student residents who are now busy preparing for their upcoming exams.

artjam 3

Pauline (right) spent the morning painting with her roommates NUS Engineering graduate students (from left) Zhou Min and Wu Xiaoni

Those who attended the event found it a novel experience to paint freely while sitting on the lawn. Even though art therapy was a new concept to many participants, they soon discovered that painting was a good way to relieve stress. NUS Computing graduate student Iman Tanni said the art jam helped her realise that she, too, could be creative, and this gave her a renewed sense of confidence.

The time together also fostered closer connections between residents, as the event provided a platform for some to combine their artistic efforts. NUS Engineering graduate students Romika Sharma and Nikita Dewangan, who had never painted together before that day, created a two-part picture of friends playing on swings under trees.

artjam 2

Romika (left) and Nikita creating a shared masterpiece

For others, the occasion was an opportunity to capture memories of their time at NUS and Singapore. French exchange student Flore Ibled, who is studying at the NUS Business School, inscribed on her canvas the places she had visited while in Singapore.

The ArtJam @ Town Green is an NUS Student Affairs Residential Life event jointly organised by UTown Residence, Ridge View Residence and Residential College 4 Residence. The organising team hopes to hold other similar events in the future to engage with the underprivileged community.

By UTown Residence and NUS Student Affairs