Prof Michael Chee honoured as a Fellow of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping

Professor Michael Chee, Director of the Centre for Sleep and Cognition at the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine has been inaugurated as a Fellow of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), which is an international society dedicated to advancing the understanding of the human brain using neuroimaging techniques.

He is one of five Fellows of the OHBM, and the only researcher from Asia and Singapore, selected this year from eminent scientists around the world who have demonstrated academic and intellectual leadership in the disciplines represented by the Society over an extended period of time. 

Prof Chee was recognised for his impactful research which seeks to reduce the effect of degraded or restricted sleep on cognitive performance, well-being and health-span. He uses objective measures of sleep, cognition, mood as well as physiological markers to tailor sleep-wake schedules for different age groups and individuals in a principled manner.

His research harnesses multi-disciplinary approaches encompassing cognitive neuroscience, brain imaging, machine learning, and public health to unlock human cognitive potential and sustain it over a lifetime.

By earning the right to include the initials FOHBM among his credentials, Prof Chee has been honoured by one of the most eminent Society’s for human brain mapping.