SUPERNOVA Ablaze: Music festival brings a constellation of talents to the stage

An electric line-up of music and dance performances made for a memorable night as a 5,000-strong audience gathered at University Town for SUPERNOVA, the annual campus music festival, which returned for yet another edition on 18 August 2023.

Comprising about 150 student performers, the 17 student acts along with a guest band took turns lighting up the stage to loud audience cheers. The bands jammed out one musical number after another, while the dance crews kept the crowd spellbound with their captivating choreography.

Featuring an exciting array of NUS performing groups, the audience was treated to a smorgasbord of genres ranging from rock and jazz, to break dancing and performances in vernacular languages as they sang, cheered, and waved their light sticks to the rhythms.

SUPERNOVA has kept its star shining for a decade since making its debut in 2013. This year’s edition fittingly added ‘Ablaze’ to its name to symbolise the explosion of musical and performance talents from NUS and the revival of student life. Organised by the NUS Office of Student Affairs in collaboration with the NUS Students’ Union (NUSSU), student clubs and various NUS units, SUPERNOVA Ablaze also marked the conclusion of a two-day long festival on campus, which included the NUSSU Student Life Fair, carnival booths and games, as well as the launch of the Inter-Faculty Games (IFG).

Apart from the performances, there were also booths peddling merchandise, food, and drinks, underscoring the extensive effort in planning and logistics made by the organisers to ensure that the throng of attendees were fed, hydrated and entertained throughout the six-hour-long festival.

“We wanted to give as many groups as possible an equal chance to perform on a big stage,” said Mr Lee Yat Bun, President of NUSSU, ahead of the event.

“This year, we had a special focus on keeping the event student-centric by curating dances and bands from a myriad of NUS student groups, and we definitely hope that the 150 student-performers will bring their energy and allow everyone in the audience to take home a part of this dynamic and electrifying shared experience!” Yat Bun added.

“The best part of SUPERNOVA was seeing everyone vibing out – not only during the performances, but even during the breaks, the dancing and energy did not stop!” enthused Ms Shawnia Seah, Kiss92FM radio deejay and alumna of NUS Communications and New Media, who returned this year for her second gig hosting SUPERNOVA.

“SUPERNOVA Ablaze will most definitely be one of my favourite moments in NUS. The energy from the crowd was on a whole other level. It was such an honour to be a part of this experience!” Ms Seah added.

Kicking off the Inter-Faculty Games 2023

SUPERNOVA festival also marks another important event in the campus calendar – the launch of the Inter-Faculty Games (IFG), a highly anticipated annual campus sporting event where over 3,000 athletes from different colleges, faculties, schools and departments come together to compete in 20 different sports and 27 different events throughout a month-long period from August to September.

Themed ‘Fuel the Fire, Unite for Glory’, encapsulating the essence of what these games represent – a celebration of passion, teamwork, and the relentless pursuit of excellence – the games bring together the dedication and sportsmanship from athletes, and togetherness of the NUS community who rally and uplift them.

Representatives from various faculties came together to mark the launch of IFG this year, with a march-in and launch ceremony graced by NUS President Professor Tan Eng Chye, joined by NUS Dean of Students Associate Professor Ho Han Kiat, and Adam Dai, President of the NUS Students’ Sports Club and Chairman of IFG 2023.

“IFG is not just a showcase of athletic prowess, but also a celebration of diversity and inclusion,” said Adam. “We come from different backgrounds, pursuing different fields of study, but when we step onto the field, we are united by a common goal – to give our best, to test our limits, and to emerge as champions in our own right. This diversity is our strength, and it's what makes our university experience so rich and fulfilling.”

Find out more about the games and see which team will emerge the champion here.