There’s no raining on the Rag and Flag parade

The Rag Day showcase premieres 7 Aug at 7pm on YouTube, in support of the Rag and Flag fundraising campaign.

With the NUS Students' Union (NUSSU) Rag Day around the corner, students from various schools, faculties, halls and residences around campus are zealously rehearsing their recorded performances for the online showcase broadcasting on 7 Aug.

Rag Day is part of the annual NUSSU flagship event, Rag and Flag Day, established in 1958 as one of the largest student-led community outreach events in Singapore. Every year, NUS students will rally for public donations on Flag Day; followed by holding Rag Day to showcase student performances as a form of appreciation for the public’s donations towards the event’s supported causes.

“For the past 60 years, Rag and Flag has raised awareness and funds to benefit charity programmes. This year, despite the difficult COVID circumstances, we have continued to pledge to raise funds for Community Chest and the supported 21 social service agencies,” said NUS President Professor Tan Eng Chye in his opening message for NUSSU Rag and Flag 2021.

When the global pandemic hit Singapore shores in 2020, Rag and Flag turned digital. Flag Day donations were raised through an online platform, and the highly-anticipated Rag Day converted to a virtual showcase of performances.

This year, the online showcase will broadcast via YouTube and feature 16 performances from 420 participants. Local artistes Annette Lee and Sandra Riley Tang (better known as RRILEY) will also make appearances to up the ante on the fundraising efforts.

“The performance recordings were filmed on their respective sites, while the emcees’ segments were recorded at a studio venue off campus,” shared Year 1 NUS Business student Sherry Wong, who is also the event’s Vice-Project Director (External).

“The event was themed around encapsulating the need for engagement, involvement and recognition of individuals who have fallen through the cracks of our society. We want to support them in building their lives, and make them feel proud of being a part of the community,” said Sherry.

Soaring as One

This year’s theme is ‘Soaring as One’, which was created as an empowering response to the global pandemic. COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed many of our lives, and its impact is felt even more within the vulnerable groups, shared Brenda Lio, Project Director (Flag).

“However, in spite of the challenging situation, we believe that our greatest strength lies in unity, where the NUS students can come together as one to offer our help to those who are in need,” noted the Year 2 NUS Arts and Social Sciences student.

Through ‘Soaring as One’, NUSSU aims to rally the power of togetherness to assist and empower those who are vulnerable, and provide faith to those who are struggling amidst the pandemic.

“As one, we can achieve little, but with many, we can achieve so much more, soaring together as one,” said Brenda.

Students will be raising funds for 21 Community Chest social service agencies this year, including Lions Befrienders, HCA Hospice Care and Alzheimer's Disease Association.

Besides the digital NUSSU Rag & Flag fundraising campaign, schools, faculties, halls and residences around campus are also organising their separate fundraising activities, such as merchandise sales, food sales and a virtual run.

In the wake of uncertainty underpinning the global pandemic situation, students remain committed to engaging the community through their relentless spirit of giving.

To date, NUS students have raised about $9 million in donations for Singapore beneficiaries through the annual Rag and Flag events.