22 March 2015 | General News

While speaking at the China Development Forum 2015, Prof Zheng Yongnian, Director of the East Asian Institute at NUS, said that even though China's central government has said it would be delegating more power to the local governments, this is unlikely to happen to any significant degree. He stressed the importance of the rule of law in solving this issue if China intends to develop its market economy.

21 March 2015 | Research

A study led by Assoc Prof Annett Schirmer of the Dept of Psychology at the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences found that saying the word "ow" actually helps people to tolerate pain longer.

21 March 2015 | Education

NUS engineering students will be able to study for a year in University of Oxford starting from October 2015. With this agreement, NUS Engineering has become the only faculty in the world that has exchange programmes with both Oxford and University of Cambridge.

21 March 2015 | Research

Scientists from the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore at NUS and other institutions have identified key genetic features associated with the spread of cancer in the colon or rectum to the liver, which could aid early detection and improve chances of a cure.

21 March 2015 | Entrepreneurship

Incubated by NUS Enterprise, Sypher Labs, has attracted funding of $589,000 from local incubator, Get2Volume Pte Ltd, along with funding from the National Research Foundation.

20 March 2015 | Research

Speaking at the Think Business speaker series organised by NUS Business School, Prof Sumit Agarwal shared findings from a study looking at the monthly electricity bills of 5,321 public housing blocks and date and location data for 322 construction projects from 2009 to 2011.

20 March 2015 | Research

A study co-led by Asst Prof Alex Cook from the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health and Asst Prof Roman Carrasco from NUS Faculty of Science, has found that having protected areas in forests alone could be 'ineffective' at slowing down forest loss in Indonesia.

20 March 2015 | General News

Mr K Kesavapany, who is from the Asia Research Institute at NUS, observed that measures in Budget 2015 will have an impact on the Indian community, and hence it is important that its contents be made widely known particularly to retirees and low-income families.

19 March 2015 | Research

A study by researchers from NUS and HealthServe, revealed that catered meals for foreign workers living in the Tai Seng area are poor in nutrition and are often delivered hours in advance.

19 March 2015 | Entrepreneurship

Organised by NUS Enterprise, InnovFest unBound is a two-day innovation festival for entrepreneurs, influencers and corporate leaders from the United States and Europe to explore Asian opportunities.