A relaxing time with dogs

Students had a chance to interact with the rescue dogs

Two lecture theatres in NUS Science became the venue for dog-centric fun on 18 November as six rescue dogs from Uncle Khoe K9 Shelter, and Mutts and Mittens came for a visit.

Organised by the NUS Therapy Dogs Programme (TDP) in collaboration with NUS Paw Friends, the event offered students a refreshing time-out amid their examination preparations. Both the NUS Therapy Dogs Programme and NUS Paw Friends are units under NUS PEACE (People Ending Animal Cruelty and Exploitation).

“We want the students to come and relax with the dogs, and get refreshed for their studies. We also hope to help to raise awareness about animal welfare in Singapore and our partner shelters’ efforts,” said the event’s Project Director, Year 2 NUS Science student Mathilda Tan.

Over the one-hour session, participants had the opportunity to interact and play with the friendly and affectionate dogs — feeding them treats, stroking them and watching them demonstrate their tricks.


One of the dogs demonstrating tricks

Each rescue dog was handled by a member of NUS Paw Friends — a group of animal lovers who volunteer weekly at the shelters. Year 2 NUS Business student Sean Chen, shared that their weekly sessions involve the volunteers walking the dogs, training them in tricks and bathing them.

Year 2 NUS Engineering student Dinesh, who himself is a dog owner, said, “I came because I love dogs a lot and it's really a good break from revision.” The event also offered him a chance to find out more about NUS Paw Friends and he said he hopes to join them in the upcoming academic year.

Merchandise such as tote bags and post-it notes with cute drawings of dogs on them were also sold during the event to raise funds for the shelters. Proceeds from the sales will go towards the maintenance of the dogs, including boarding fees, food and veterinary fees.

The TDP organises these dog therapy sessions for students once or twice a year, before the examination season.


Merchandise to help raise funds was also on sale