NUS enhances career+ mobile app to boost career readiness of students through predictive analytics and skills visualisation

The National University of Singapore (NUS) today announced the official launch of its enhanced NUS career+ mobile app exclusive to its students that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data. More than 13,000 NUS students have downloaded the app, which was jointly developed by the University and JobTech, since its initial beta launch in September 2018.

The NUS career+ mobile app generates an individualised skills profile based on the student’s academic record. Students can select career domains of interest to generate a “Career Readiness” progress bar, prompting the app to recommend suitable modules they may take to bridge the skills gap.

The impact of COVID-19 underscores the need to be agile in adapting to future disruptions in the job market. In the latest set of enhancements, a Talent Future Index score provides predictive perspective of the future outlook of demand for skills. This prepares students for skills projected to be in demand and addresses their vulnerability to future shifts in the job market. In addition, a Skills Graph visualisation feature allows students to map out their skillsets and identify adjacent skills aligned to market demand. The new features complement Career Readiness, which provides a current perspective of the job market.

The NUS career+ app also provides a unique perspective towards job recommendations. While traditional job portals make recommendations based on search preferences, the app analyses millions of job postings daily to suggest jobs which are likely to be a good fit for a given student’s profile. This exposes them to a wider variety of job opportunities including areas which they may not be familiar with.

Professor Ho Teck Hua, NUS Senior Deputy President and Provost, said, “Adoption of digital platforms has accelerated in a structural rather than cyclical way. To thrive in the fast-evolving and ever-uncertain new economy requires us to embrace AI-driven tools such as the NUS career+ app that can give our graduates a competitive edge in their job search, whilst enabling students to identify course modules best aligned to their career interests.”

“I appreciate that the NUS career+ app delivers personalised information tailored to my career interests. The module recommendation feature was useful in highlighting how I may bridge the skills gap, and complements the career readiness indicator that gives me a sense of how prepared I am for different career pathways. The app augments the NUS TalentConnect careers portal, and is an important companion in our transition to the world of work,” Mr Lee Wei Jie, Year 4 (Economics major) student from the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences shared.

More information on the NUS career+ app is available here.

NUS Career Fest 2021 – largest NUS virtual career fair yet!

The launch of the NUS career+ app was held in conjunction with the annual signature NUS Career Fest 2021, its largest virtual career fair to-date.

Over three days on 25 January, 27 January and 29 January, the virtual fair hosted on the NUS TalentConnect portal, the central careers platform for NUS students and registered alumni, will provide them with the opportunity to network and speak with over 235 participating employers through one-on-one and group video chats to explore internship and employment opportunities.

In addition, a full range of careers preparatory webinars and talks has been arranged including a panel discussion on ‘How to Pivot and Future-proof you Career’, as well as a virtual People Library featuring six ‘People Books’ each sharing their stories and experiences on resilience and agility in their personal and career journeys. Workshops on Resume Writing and Interviewing, are also available to students who need support from the NUS Career Advisors.

More information on NUS Career Fest 2021 is available here.