Innovating for the future

Celebrating talent and innovation at NUS

NUS, in partnership with CNA, has developed an inspirational documentary series, Innovating for the future. The series looks at how diverse talents in the university community – each leaders and luminaries in their own areas of expertise – are catalysing positive change in Singapore and beyond. Catch this 10-part series – delving into topics like ageing, finance and food – to find out how NUS faculty, students and alumni are jointly creating a better world for the future.

Watch the series from 4 May to 29 June on CNA.

Broadcast details: Every Wednesday at 7pm

Repeat telecasts: Every Wednesday at 11pm, and every Thursday at 1pm

Video on demand: CNA (Released 48 hours after broadcast)

Ep 1: Medicine


Chong Yap Seng’s research on mothers and children impacts policymaking in Singapore. Allen Yeoh and his team offer hope to kids with leukaemia. Shefaly Shorey makes lessons come alive with VR and AI.


Ep 2: Research & Innovation


NUS researchers are harnessing AI to develop personalised treatment for cancer patients, commercialising diagnostic kits for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, and building a quantum computer.


Ep 3: Entrepreneurship


Patsnap is the first unicorn startup groomed by NUS Enterprise. Augmentus helps users to deploy robotic systems easily. Singrow enables farmers to grow strawberries at room temperature in Singapore.

Watch the episodes on CNA

Upcoming episodes

Ep 4: Environment     
25 May, 7pm     
Repeat telecasts: 25 May, 11pm & 26 May, 1pm

Ep 5: Food     
1 Jun, 7pm     
Repeat telecasts: 1 Jun, 11pm & 2 Jun, 1pm

Ep 6: Finance     
8 Jun, 7pm     
Repeat telecasts: 8 Jun, 11pm & 9 Jun, 1pm

Ep 7: Ageing     
15 Jun, 7pm     
Repeat telecasts: 15 Jun, 11pm & 16 Jun, 1pm

Ep 8: Public Health     
22 Jun, 7pm     
Repeat telecasts: 22 Jun, 11pm & 23 Jun, 1pm

Ep 9: Education     
29 Jun, 7pm     
Repeat telecasts: 29 Jun, 11pm & 30 Jun, 1pm

Special Episode on Entrepreneurship     
Telecast details to be shared in Q2 2022