NUS Career Fest 2020 goes virtual for the first time

The annual career fair will connect students to prospective employers via a digital portal

Following the success of NUS’ inaugural e-Open House, this year’s Career Fest 2020 will take a similar format.

Championed by the NUS Centre for Future-Ready Graduates (CFG), Career Fest is the university’s yearly on-campus career fair, designed to prepare undergraduates for the ever-evolving work landscape that awaits them, and set them up for success. The 2019 event saw a turnout of almost 10,000 students and alumni.

This time, spanning a total of nine days beginning 23 March till 2 April, the University will host its first virtual career fair, and its largest one yet.

Here are a few key numbers to take note of:

370 – Organisations and Prospective Employers

This year’s virtual Career Fest will connect students with an even greater variety of top organisations and dream employers — JP Morgan, Amazon, UNIQLO Singapore, Seedly, Ninja Van, just to name a few. In keeping with its e-format, employers will be available for virtual live chats throughout the two weeks for students to inquire and interact with company representatives.

3,900 – Jobs and Internship Vacancies 

The search for employment opportunities need not be daunting or overwhelming. With a wide pool of prospective employers at the ready, all available job and internship positions will be posted on the NUS TalentConnect portal. Students can easily log in and indicate their interest, upload their CVs, connect with their top ten companies and more.

26 – Career Preparation Workshops & Recruitment Webinars

Undoubtedly, there are tips and tricks to make the transit from school to work as painless as possible. From proven methods to hack a video interview, to tried-and-tested techniques to create happiness in the most challenging workplaces; a repository of valuable information is available at students’ fingertips. Recruitment webinars by specific companies are an excellent platform to find out about career opportunities, selection criteria, company culture, and growth prospects in an organisation.

5 – Industry Days & FB Live Morning Talk Shows

The virtual career fair is structured systematically for easy navigation. Industry talks are split across five different days of 23, 25, 27, 31 March and 2 April. Tune in to Facebook Live each day for a live morning talk show — your friendly hosts will take you through a Q&A with a featured organisation. Learn about the day ahead, listen to an employer interview and participate in a daily student competition to win attractive prizes.

Career Fest 4.JPG

Tune in for a round-up of the day’s activities and win prizes in daily ‘student challenges’

More information and the full schedule for NUS’ first-ever Virtual Career Fest can be found on the dedicated website.


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