Prof Teo Yik Ying joins science council

Professor Teo Yik Ying, Dean of the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health at NUS, has been appointed to the Council of Scientists for the International Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO). He sits on the Council as a representative of Singapore, a member state of HFSPO.

The organisation runs the Human Frontier Science Program, a funding programme for frontier research in life sciences that supports world-class scientific research using innovative and multidisciplinary approaches.

“The International Human Frontier Science Program Organization is amongst the leading international agencies promoting innovative and cutting edge research at the frontiers of the life sciences. While the organisation is governed by the Board of Trustees, the Board is advised by the Council of Scientists in its fulfilment of its scientific mission,” said Prof Teo. “It is thus a significant privilege and honour to be nominated as a member of the Council of Scientists. This appointment provides the opportunity to understand global funding decisions and direction settings, which will be beneficial and important for Singapore as we develop our future strategies in the life sciences.”