Asst Prof Shruti Bhatt accorded American Society of Hematology Global Research Award

Asst Prof Shruti Bhatt, from the Department of Pharmacy at NUS Science has been awarded the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Global Research Award. This award recognises the contribution of international scientific leaders in the field of hematology, and further supports their scientific career as young investigators. She was also recently selected as American Association of Cancer Research Nextgen Star.

Dr. Bhatt’s research programme focuses on understanding mechanism of resistance to aggressive cancer of blood and bone marrow called leukaemia and developing new targeting approaches. While most patients with acute leukaemia (AML) respond to current standard-of-care treatment, majority of them relapse within six months. ASH funding will help understand the process of evolution of drug-resistant clones in leukaemia mouse models and eventually enable the testing of compound combinations that will hopefully translate to future clinical trials.

Her research also utilises a unique functional approach to precision medicine called dynamic BH3 profiling to identify patients who will respond to leukaemia therapy in the clinic.

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