Ms Tan Shui-Min named Chief Information Technology Officer of the Year

At this year’s Women in IT Asia Summit and Awards organised by DiversityQ and Information Age, NUS Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) Ms Tan Shui-Min was named CITO of the Year. The event, which took place on 28 June in Shangri-La Singapore, showcased exceptional leaders who have championed diversity, embraced innovation, and made significant contributions to the tech industry and beyond.

Ms Tan was recognised for her visionary leadership and continuity plans, which have revolutionised NUS’ technology landscape. The judges highlighted that she led her team to deliver high quality and impactful changes, within a very short timeline. Beyond the initiatives that started in 2020, she also paved the way for the University to build a more digitally empowered business and workforce for many years to come. The judges were highly impressed by her strong leadership, noting that the ongoing impact of her work and the organisational changes implemented would “shape future generations of leaders”.