Versatile and future-ready

The world is their oyster for these four NUS graduates from the Class of 2021.

Armed with degrees in mechanical engineering, philosophy, computer science and environmental studies, they have set their sights on seizing their careers on the back of an interdisciplinary education which have prepared them well to take on uncertainties with panache and purpose.

Mr Rafid Zuhayer Amin, fresh graduate in Mechanical Engineering landed a role in a global healthcare company GSK, while Ms Ang Shao Qing, a Philosophy graduate secured a job in the consulting field. Both shared how their university education has trained them to think critically, analyse problems, and come up with creative solutions. These are strong foundations which have also helped in securing their first jobs.

For instance, a stint with the NUS Overseas Colleges programme in Munich, Germany in February 2020 saw Rafid interning with a start-up developing Smart AI checkout solutions for supermarkets. Working in one of Europe’s technology hubs, followed quickly by another internship in a Singapore start-up, gave him the perfect combination of global exposure and local immersion.

Rafid specialised in Robotics, a new specialisation for Mechanical Engineering, and was also part of the Innovation and Design Programme (iDP). The iDP encourages students to develop innovative solutions to real-life engineering problems, honing their adaptability and critical thinking skills.

“Not only did my course of study build a strong engineering foundation for me, I was also able to put my knowledge to good use and build a strong network around me. This allowed me to grow not just as an engineer, but as a global citizen and give back to the society,” said Rafid.

For Shao Qing, who works as a Business Analyst at A.T. Kearney Pte. Ltd., the engaging and thought-provoking pedagogy at the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ Department of Philosophy nurtured a keen sense of astuteness, as well as the ability to think critically.

“I owe a debt of gratitude to my philosophy education for teaching me to think critically and creatively. The ability to ask the right questions was very helpful during job tests and interviews, and it is a skillset I continue to hone at my job,” said Shao Qing.

Fellow fresh graduate Mr Joel Lim, Enterprise Engineer at Meta, had obtained a Double Degree in Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science) and Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy). He thanked the career advisors who helped him analyse the various job offers while considering his strengths and personal preferences.  

As part of a newly-formed team, he bravely took on the challenge of working with senior engineers and building the product from scratch in an open, trusting and empowering office culture.

NUS has also prepared Ms Sew Wen Xin well for her current role in supply chain in the technology sector. In 2019, she secured an internship with Henkel in global purchasing logistics through the NUS Career Fair, and obtained resume writing and interview tips through her career advisor.

The interdisciplinary education in Environmental Studies opened Wen Xin’s eyes to disciplines beyond her specialisation in geography, such as economics, biology, public health, and law, sparking an interest in sustainable supply chains.

Now a Management Trainee in a multinational technology company, Wen Xin expects to see herself rotated across various operational roles. For now, she is responsible for launching new products through resellers and keeping track of milestones in the supply chain.

Stronger employment prospects and higher starting salaries for NUS graduates

The interdisciplinary and integrative university education at NUS has given students a strong head-start in their careers, as shown in results of the Joint Autonomous Universities Graduate Employment Survey 2021. Please click here for the press release.

NUS graduates continued to command high employment rates in 2021, where they also earned higher starting salaries.

More than nine in 10 NUS fresh graduates secured employment within 6 months after final exams

·        5,144 out of a total of 6,897 full-time fresh NUS graduates from the Class of 2021, and 576 out of 830 follow-up NUS graduates participated in the joint survey.

·      94.1 per cent were employed within 6 months of completing their final exams, compared to 93.9 per cent in the 2020 survey

·        Another 2.8 per cent have either accepted a job offer pending commencement of duty or are actively starting a business venture

·     100 per cent employment for fresh graduates from Accountancy, Information Security, Business Analytics, Dentistry and Computational Biology, while 99.1 per cent of Computer Science majors landed jobs

·    More than nine in 10 fresh graduates from Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Computing, Design & Environment, Engineering, Nursing and Science employed within 6 months of completing final exams

·    More than nine in 10 follow-up graduates from Architecture, Law and Pharmacy were employed after completing their practical training, practical law course and pupillage.

NUS graduates in full-time permanent employment continue to draw high starting salaries

·    4.3 per cent increase in the mean gross monthly salary of NUS fresh graduates in full-time permanent employment, which rose to S$4,258 in 2021 from S$4,082 in 2020.

·    The median gross monthly salary of fresh graduates from NUS in full-time permanent employment also increased to S$3,850 in 2021, from S$3,800 in 2020.

·    Graduates from 25 courses in Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Computing, Design and Environment, Engineering, Law, Nursing, Science, as well as the Bachelor of Arts with Honours course offered by Yale-NUS College, achieved improvement in starting salaries.