Dr Yu Hong receives the fifth annual John and Vivian Sabel Award for best article

Dr Yu Hong, Senior Research Fellow from the East Asian Institute at NUS was the recipient of the 2020 annual John and Vivian Sabel Award of the best article in the Journal of Contemporary China (JCC). The award-winning article, “Motivation behind China’s One Belt, One Road Initiatives and Establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank”, published in Volume 26, Issue 105, 2017, was cited 82 times within three years of publication, a record for the JCC. It is also the first time this award was given to an Asian scholar and an academic outside the American universities. 

Launched in 2016 to celebrate the journal’s 100th issue and 25th anniversary, the John and Vivian Sabel Award is issued annually to an outstanding article picked by the editorial team.

Dr Yu’s research interests cover regional economic development in China, the “Belt and Road” initiatives, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the state-owned enterprises reform in China.