NUS career planning app helps 312,000 alumni stay competitive in the job market

NUS career+ app offers a quick, simple and convenient way for alumni to improve their career outcomes by leveraging artificial intelligence

Alumni of the National University of Singapore (NUS) can now leverage big data and artificial intelligence to accelerate their career advancement. The NUS career+ mobile application, which was first introduced to NUS undergraduate students in September 2018, is now extended to more than 312,000 NUS alumni. This free service for alumni is jointly developed by NUS and JobTech Pte Ltd. 


Three key components in NUS career+ app for alumni: career goals setting; job recommendations; and suggestions for relevant courses to close skill gaps.

Professor Ho Teck Hua, NUS Senior Deputy President and Provost, said, “The NUS career+ app is currently available to undergraduates from six faculties and schools – Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Computing, Design & Environment, Engineering, Science and Yale-NUS College. To date, 4,400 undergraduates are using the app and feedback from users has been positive. We are therefore very pleased to customise this unique career planning tool for our alumni to help them stay competitive in the job market.”

The NUS career+ app for alumni comprises three key components: career goals setting; job recommendations; and suggestions for relevant courses to close skill gaps. The app also provides relevant news to keep users up to date on the latest industry developments. Every alumni user will have a personalised ‘career GPS’ that guides them towards achieving their career aspirations. 

This latest initiative to extend NUS career+ to alumni is part of NUS’ on-going efforts to promote lifelong learning among its alumni and students. “The nature of jobs is changing rapidly and the NUS career+ app provides a quick, simple, and convenient way for our alumni to stay abreast of the new industry developments and prepare themselves by adopting new skills that are in demand. The app nudges our alumni to set clear career goals and encourages them to update and upgrade their skills and work experience. All NUS alumni are automatically eligible for the continuing education and training (CET) courses offered by the University, so they can look to our comprehensive CET curriculum to upskill,” Prof Ho added. 

Ms Charlotte Lim, JobTech Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, said, “JobTech’s AI engine analyses millions of job postings daily to enable a market-driven diagnosis of a person’s skills. We are honoured to extend our partnership with NUS to help NUS alumni identify upskilling and job pathways to securing better careers, no matter what career stage they are in. As an alumni of NUS, I am personally excited to use NUS career+ to identify NUS CET courses that will help me acquire and sharpen the skills necessary for managing and growing JobTech, a technology start-up.”

Simple to sign up, easy to use

To start using NUS career+, an alumni needs to first download the NUS career+ app, which is available on both Android and iOS. The user will log-in using the NUS Lifelong email account, which identifies the user as an alumni. Next, the user will create his or her profile by uploading his or her resume and he or she will be guided to set career goals. The app will analyse the resume and the user’s profile will be systematically matched, in real-time, to job opportunities and relevant courses available. 

Ms Kaylene Lee, an alumna of the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Class of 2015) who works in the public sector, said, “The app is very user-friendly. It recommends courses based on your interest and also has a career goal planning function. I would recommend it to all alumni even if you are not looking for new career opportunities.”

NUS alumni may write to careerplus@nus.edu.sg to find out more NUS career+.