Supreme Court stint for seven fresh NUS Law graduates

Seven NUS Law graduates from the Class of 2021 have been appointed Justices’ Law Clerks (JLC) at the Singapore Supreme Court.

The JLC programme was first introduced in 1991 by former Chief Justice Yong Pung How. The two-year programme of the Singapore Legal Service gives top young law graduates the valuable opportunity to train under senior judges and gain valuable exposure to court perspectives. Selected law graduates will work with and train under the Chief Justice and other members of the Supreme Court Bench.

Law graduates Mr Jerry Wang, Ms Gwendolyn Oh, Mr Wee Jong Xuan, Mr Lai Weng Han, Ms Jasmine Goh, Mr Ryan Kwan and Mr Ong Kye Jing will undertake legal research, draft bench memorandums and provide hearing-related assistance to Judges of the High Court and the Court of Appeal.

They kick started the programme on 1 Sep at the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) and have all been posted to different divisions within the AGC as Deputy Public Prosecutors.

They will commence their clerkship with the Supreme Court judges at the beginning of next year.

Mr Wang, who topped the NUS Law Class of 2021 with several awards under his belt - Chief Justice Prize, Leo Chia Heng Prize and Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal – and who also graduated with the Master of Laws from the New York University School of Law, is delighted to be selected for the JLC programme.

“With courts being the centre of dispute resolution in common law jurisdictions like Singapore, the JLC Programme offers a unique top-down perspective of Singapore’s legal system. It is truly a privilege to be given such an opportunity to contribute to the development of Singapore’s autochthonous legal system, researching novel legal issues, and considering the legal and policy implications of different decisions. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my professors at NUS Law who never failed to inspire me with their dedication and passion for the law.”

Ms Oh, a Dean’s lister for three consecutive years and a winner of several moot competitions, is excited to begin her JLC journey - aonce-in-a-lifetime opportunity to obtain extraordinary insight into how judges make decisions”.

The NUS Law graduate who also recently completed a Master of Laws at King’s College London, said, “NUS Law has certainly helped me land this incredible role. From the intellectual and thought-provoking lessons, to the many mooting opportunities available, to the Professors' unwavering emphasis on personal and professional development. All these have created a very conducive environment for me to uncover my full potential. It was through these experiences that I developed valuable critical thinking, research and advocacy skills, which paved the way for my eventual JLC appointment.”

For Mr Wee, it was a time to pay it forward. For the past four years at NUS Law, he has been receiving financial support from NUS through several bursaries - Higher Education Community Bursary, John & Lydia Ewing-Chow Bursary, Ella Cheong Bursary and the Yik Luen and Wei Han Bursary. The generosity of these donors and community help that he has received has played a huge part in in alleviating his family’s financial situation and in helping him excel at NUS Law.

Mr Wee finished top in his final year examinations at NUS Law and was awarded the Adrian Clark Memorial Medal and Singapore Academy of Law Prize. He was also the top student for Aviation Law and Civil Justice and Process, receiving the Prize in Aviation Law & Policy and the David Ernest S Chelliah Medal and Prize respectively.

“I'm very grateful for the opportunity to serve in the Supreme Court so early in my career. I like to think that it is only by grace that I have come as far as I have - be it the sustained support from an amazing family, financial aid from generous benefactors, and not forgetting guidance from patient mentors and steadfast friends in NUS Law. To my juniors who are experiencing similar difficulties, continue to press on and you'll be stronger for it!”