Asst Prof Reza Shokri accorded IEEE Security and Privacy Test-of-Time Award

NUS Presidential Young Professor of Computer Science Reza Shokri and his co-authors have received the prestigious IEEE Security and Privacy (S&P) Test-of-Time Award 2021. The award recognises research papers, published a decade ago, that have made a broad and lasting impact on both research and practice in computer security and privacy.

In their paper on “Quantifying Location Privacy”, the authors presented a methodology for quantifying the privacy risks of sharing location data, and evaluated the effectiveness of privacy-preserving algorithms. The paper provides a systematic and unifying approach to measuring location privacy, a concept that has many interpretations. The work established a standard for quantifying location privacy, which is of an increasing value given the significant usage of smartphones and wireless personal devices, and location-based services.

The authors received the award at the 42nd IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy held virtually on 24 May 2021. The paper was first presented at the IEEE S&P 2011.

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